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Re: How much farther does the rabbit hole go?

Originally Posted by Detcelfer View Post
Hey its not that I want to see Naruto die. But I dont like my head in the clouds either where the bad guy is always sent to prison an the good guy gets a pay raise. In reality, battles of this magnitude, people die... and that taste of reality is what will make what unfolds in the story, that much more powerful and heartfelt.

Why is the 4th viewed with such reverence? Because he gave up his life to protect everyone in the village. His skills as far as we know were unmatched. Above all else, he cared for the well being of others. He lived by example.

Naruto imo, is destined to lead by example by having unconditional love for his friends. He already shows it with Sasuke. I would not put it beyond Kishi to even kill Naruto off (or at least F him up good) in order to turn Sasuke's heart near the end and have Sasuke finish off the "final boss" in order to save the world -- in that process Sasuke dies. You'll have a shakesperian ending of dramatic proportions.

Fluffy endings are for kids. But hey, if Naruto lives, I'm fine with that also, I'm just telling the story that I think would deliver the most powerful and dramatic performance from the cast.
have you seen what they have done to the English Dub? tell me you don't foresee a fluffy Ending

i dunno about any enemies after Madara and Pein except maybe Sasuke, see Akatsuki are hinted at being a round up of the Best Missing Nin in the World not to mention it is lead by and Uchiha who has survived near on or beyond 100 Years, fought the first hokage and has EMS (yes EMS not PMS) so to bring in someone more powerful than him or pein who i cant really be F'd explaining the background 2 and is no point in doing as all kno bout him otherwise they wouldn't be on a Naruto Site in a forum under the manga section in a thread about baddies after Madara and Pein reading a post about why i think no-one will come after madara and pein with out explain anything about pein....after that i shoulda just wrote about him, but i digress madara + Pein = Super bad Ninja squad => Super Best Friends and finally and simply

it would be pure overkill

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