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Re: Is 'The Dark Knight' for Kids?

Originally Posted by LonelyNinja View Post
"Just dances south of an R rated movie?" Are you fucking kidding me? R-rated movies are like gore and sex and drug use and extreme language. Does Batman have any of that? No! The one time that Gordon almost says "Shit" he gets shot. (Spoilers, hurr hurr hurr.) Is there any gore? No. There are no bits of people flying around, there isn't any blood gushing out anywhere. Hell, there isn't all that much blood. Drug use, no. Sex, no. So yeah, Batman is fine for a PG-13 movie. Also, there's a goddamn reason why it's PG-13. That means kids under thirteen really shouldn't be watching this film. Is it that hard for parents to figure out? Also, yeah, kids these days aren't innocent. I mean, for fuck's sake, I heard a seven-year-old call someone Miller Lite. As in the beer. When I was seven I didn't know what brands of beer there were, hell, I honestly don't think I knew what beer was. So yeah, a ten-year-old could see Dark Knight and wouldn't be all that traumatized. Maybe by Two-Faces' ugly mug, but that's about it.

I agree with u on most points about kids not being as innocent as some people think they are but i disagree with u on a few points about the movie. Yes there isnt much in the way of gore but there is quite a bit of implied gore
Joker slicing open that guy's face to give a permanent smile is a good example

There are quite a few other scenes where the gore and brutality are implied but not shown on screen in fact they make up most of the movie. Its pretty clear to me this movie pushes the PG13 rating to its limits but dont get me wrong i thought it was a awesome movie. Visual wise its a PG13 borderline R but story/plot wise its a solid R.

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