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@Mibs--Well, there should be some doubt in some things, because they are not fully proven. There's still exceptions to the rules, keeping them from being fact. The Earth revolving around the Sun is fact, because we do in fact travel around the sun invariably. However, the Big Bang (among other comsological theories) and somesuch are not explicitly, invariably proven. We have a general idea, but we still should have doubts that we may, in fact, be wrong.
RNB is saying that logic, and pretty much all things we know as facts, requires a small leap of faith. This is actually true if you look at things from a particular philosophical viewpoint. Because you can find a cause for doubt in pretty much anything. All you need to do is find any reason at all to doubt something, really. According to Descartes, of course.

Like, the earth going around the sun thing. How do you know that's a fact, beyond any shred of doubt what-so-ever? You're likely taking the studies and tests done by countless other people and going off that, right? Well, people can be wrong, and people can lie. There's doubt right there.

Even if you did the math yourself, there's still doubt because how are you sure you did it right? You're not flawless. Even if you went out into space and actually witnessed the earth going around the sun, there's STILL doubt. Ever see an optical illusion? Your eyes can't always be trusted, sometimes they're wrong, after all.

It basically boils down to there being no way you can be 100% sure in almost anything, there's always that super, paper thin, layer of doubt. And there is truth to it, I suppose. If you're really interested in the philosophy to it you can look up the first two meditations from Descartes. I think it's pretty useless and kind of silly, personally. And it's definitely not a train of thought I'd bring up in any sort of debate section in an attempt to discredit anything, that's for damn sure. But they make you read about the dude in Philosophy 101, so some people must think it's kind of neat or some shit. ; )
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