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Re: ~The NEW Uchiha Sasuke Fanclub~

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
I dig Sasuke, he's my boy, the 8 tails will surprise him for about 22 seconds, lol. But on the Konoha front, my gooodness how long does it take Pein to get ready to fight, this guy is worst than anyone I ever heard of. Its like waiting for Goku to return from heaven, it takes like half a summer, and thats just travel time.
Do you think that Sasuke will use Mangekyou Sharingan to invalidate 8-Tailed beast to give his host power, like he did that to Naruto in the anime while ago?
If thats how will he do the job than fight shouldnt last long.

Originally Posted by dirk667 View Post
im thinking once again, naruto will speed up his training with clones. wonder what happens if a clone goes toad, then transfers back? LMAO
I agree! Pain is pain in the ass and Naruto always speeds up his training with clones so why making an exeption!

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