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Re: Is this right?

i know i managed to learn hirigana and katakana through the books "Remembering the Kana" by james w. heisig and am attempting to learn japanese through the genki I and Genki II books which are actual text books used to teach japanese. these can be found on the internet if you know where to look but im not sure about the policy of this site and telling how to obtain them so i will leave you with that.

oh and by the way belive the book when it says that you can learn the hirigana in only 3 hours of studying from that book. as long as you remember what it tells you and in your free time in the car or bus or when your zoning out in skool just run through in your head what the book was saying and yes you will learn it in only 3 hours of actualy studying from the book. i belive my time added up to just under 2 hours of studying from the book mainly because i already learned the hirigana a few years back and forgotten it so most of it came back to me easy and remember his lil examples was of great help. (no not 3 straight hours of studying more like 3 hours over the course of a week)

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