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Re: Opinions on Christianity

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
@FG-You would heart some french dude. ; )

I'm not doubting this, I'm sure it's true. But there's people like that on both sides. Probably more so on the faith side, if anything. I've never seen anyone who's initiated conversation with a religious person in hopes of persuading them to become non-religious. Ever. Can't say the same about the reverse though.

I know I've personally never talked about even being atheist myself unless someone was being a douchebag about God shit towards me (I actually had a person go ape-shit crazy on me for not being interested in seeing The Passion of the Christ, for fuck's sake). And even then, just like debates here, I never had any ambitions to change their beliefs.

Assuming you don't mean that in a "teach god shit in science class and shit as possible alternatives" kind of way, then sure. There's nothing wrong with having illogical beliefs so long as people don't try to project them into anything that actually matters beyond a strictly personal sphere of things.
Admittedly, I haven't been following the arguments here, but when I read that, I thought I'd respond. I have had a teacher (8th-grade English teacher) who gave several short talks and had us do an activity designed to convince us of the fallacy of religion in general (although of course he didn't directly say "Religion is false" or anything like that). And modern society is pretty anti-Christianity and anti-religion, although most of the time it's not as direct as telling someone "Your God is a lie!" So there's more pressure put on Christians to change their beliefs than there is on atheists.

Also, the guy who went apeshit on you for not wanting to see the Passion was an idiot. IMO, since Christians strongly believe bringing others to the faith is their duty, it's inevitable that they would talk to others about their religion, invite others to church, etc. But if the person says no, the Christian should say "Okay" and not bring up religion with that person again, or ask others to do so. Christians, God won't reward you for purposely pissing people off, especially since it further prejudices the person against Christianity; and to judge someone for being an atheist is considered a sin, and is hypocritical. In addition, like Miburo said, you should keep religious talks at a personal level outside of church.

So there, that's my piece. I may or may not drop by again to check responses.

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