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Re: How much farther does the rabbit hole go?

What if after all of Aka is done, Naruto goes for personal to hone his skills then Iwagakure, Kumogakure, and Kirigakure invade Konohagakure while he's gone. Then Konohamaru is sent to go get him, but when they get back most of the village is destroyed and a lot of shinobi are dead or too injured to fight.

Then a ocean of sand comes and buries the current waves of ninjas attacking Konoha. Gaara Desert Burials everyone and a nice size of Sunagakure ninja are right behind him. 5 more waves of ninja come and the sand shinobi are tired. Gaara and Naruto then go march out defeat the last and strongest wave.

Tsunade then resigns from Hokage then tells Naruto that could die if he goes to fight so if he dies he should die as the Hokage. Naruto and Gaara leave, but are ambushed. Before they could react, Sasuke jumps up and does chidori straight through the three ninja. Sasuke sees Naruto's new Hokage hat and smiles. Then He states that he's going to becom Raikage once this war is over.

Naruto, Sasuke, and Gaara go to the line of battle only to stare into the faces 50,000 ninja. Gaara tries to Desert Burials them all, his sand is blocked by a lighting barrier. Naruto then Rasenshurikens through the barrier and onto the crowd of ninja creating a big crater. Sasuke then activates his sharingan, flicks up his sword and jumps into the crowd. Gaara then begins to bury people in sand and ends them.

Naruto then creates 5,000 clones and uses Sage mode Hyuuton(Ice=Wind+water just like Haku) Rasenshuriken. Everyone is frozen temporarily and is oozing blood. Naruto passes out. Sasuke Kirins the frozen army, unthawing them all and killing a lot. He then questions he'd be able to defeat Naruto. Then Gaara goes and Desert burials all of the remaining ninja adding a fire element to it, buring and compressing the bodies preventing any survivors.

Gaara hand the Raikage's hat to Sasuke with his sand then they take Naruto back to Konoha to recover. Naruto awakens in his new mansion surrounded by all of his friends except those who saved him. Naruto's friends are happy to see him alive and awake, but Naruto asks for Gaara and Sasuke. They tell him and he darts to the top of the mansion. Naruto finds them staring off into the village. He walks up and stands between them. There stand the three unstoppable Kages.
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