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Re: Is 'The Dark Knight' for Kids?

i have watched the dark knight and yes, it is violent. the thoughts it provokes is spine tingling but true.

i find joker fascinating. he's like hannibal lecter. ♥

well, when it came to children below thirteen not watching this movie, i say this depends on the environment the child is in. sometimes, even children in their 13s are still uncorrupted. others have well matured into the world of violence than a 30 year old is. it just depends on the upbringing.

my imoto is just 10 years old and she watches horror and gore movies alone. (well, we come from a movie-oriented family). i, myself, have not watched (or censored nor rated) those movies. i think she did the hills have eyes 2. and that's way beyond pg13.

so, if it were my sister, i'd let her watch dark knight. i trust that she is mature enough to understand what the characters and the plot truly stands for.

it's just a matter of decision.

if you think the kid can take it, then let 'em have it.
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