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Re: Opinions on Christianity

Originally Posted by J.A.M.D. View Post
Whats the point, religion is just popularity. Most people follow a sertain religion because some one they know followed a certain religion. Your not going to be Jewish when your parents are christian. Think about it for a sec, you follow what others do. But then again some people stay from that path, get there own religion or just don't beleave in It. Besides, where did religion come from. It started because some one said some thing. If I said that I was the lords son and that he sent me here to spread the word of some religion. Does that mean It's true, you cann't believe every thing you hear.
Agreed, if someone claimed to be the son of God in today's society they would be tossed in a looney bin and most likely labeled mentally ill. Basically people just created Religion in order to answer the questions that everybody has and no one truely has an answer to. Also it gives people a reason for living, Heaven or some sort of afterlife. And like JAMD said, you only believe what you do because a lot of other people do. And also, if there is a God, which deffinatly could be possible, I doubt he cares if you go to church, tell some priest your sins, or whatever. He just wants people to live life as good people. Regardless of wether or not you believe in God, or Jesus, or Heaven, or Hell, I think we should all just live our lives as good people because that is our duty as humans.

Personally I have no beliefs. I do not believe there is a God, on the other hand I do not believe there isn't. I do however think that there is a God. I have accepted the fact that I do not know nor may I ever know the truth. And because of this i will not believe something just because a bunch of other people do or it was written in an old book, but I will accept these things as possibilities.
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