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Re: Anti-Sasuke FC

Originally Posted by Marshmallow73 View Post
Erm... May I join???

I've been wanting to preserve my hatred for Sasuke nowadays...
Your in 5 Fc. [Hatake Kakashi FC, Rock Lee FC, NEW Yondaime FC, The Naruto Uzumaki FC *Remade*, The Naruto Debating FC.] That is the limit. So if you want to join this Fc you must drop of the Fc your in now.

Originally Posted by Love The Anbu Kakashi View Post
welcome Marshmallow... i don't have the authority here, but i think they won't mind n_n just wait till they log on and accept u ^^
welcome again n_n
You need to put one of the Banner in your Sig or say your a member of Anti-Sasuke FC in you Sig.

Originally Posted by Hanz86 View Post
ok...let go to new Topic...

post the main reason why u hate Sasuke so much...
He so full of himself. He thinks he the strongest and just because he is the "Last" Uchiha he should get what ever he want.

People who think they know everything annoy those of us that do.

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