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Originally Posted by Miles T View Post
To Miburo, on the subject of isolated religion:

In terms of whether or not it is permissible, isolated religion is analogous to privately believing that 2+2=5. So long as such beliefs are not used to make decisions that subtract from how another valuable being would otherwise reasonably be, they are innocuous, and thus seemingly acceptable. However, as with any irrational, potentially dangerous concept, religion should not be allowed to gain sway such that it can interfere with human progress.

I suspect you’ll agree with that.
Sure. Yeah, it's like believing 2+2=5. But as long as they use 2+2=4 while operating in society, then it's all good.

Is that always going to happen, realistically? Nah, but it doesn't matter so long as people ignore or dismiss religion based arguments when that shit crops up. Because, honestly, we're not going to get people to stop being religious. As seen above, a lot of them aren't exactly the type that can be reasoned with using logic. It's like trying to persuade people to stop being stupid in general: Not going to happen.

We're moving in the right direction though. Recently, shit like Intelligent Design has been rejected, hard, almost everywhere. It is frustrating seeing religion being brought up in things like elections, and even more so seeing that shit like that actually influences the outcome. But that's more so a flaw in democracy than anything else, really. We've got to expect that kind of stupidity when we allow the general public to make decisions about things that most of them are completely clueless on.

Don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily support this shit. It's just that it does bring people happiness, comfort, meaning, etc. So as long as they realize that these beliefs should be strictly personal, since not everyone subscribes to them, then there wouldn't be any reason to try and take away that happiness, comfort, etc.

@Veggiegirl101-Oh, see, I thought you were trying to make some sort of argument there. You know, since this is the debate section and all. Didn't realize you were just talking about how awesome you think Jesus is.

I think Big Boss from the Metal Gear series is totally awesome too. Seems the two have a lot in common. ^^b
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