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Re: Anti-Sasuke FC

Originally Posted by akuryuken View Post
Finally i found this Fc and i want to join becase i hate sasuke a lot.

Well the main reason i hate him is because he is the most gay, emo, the character with more Plot no jutsu that any manga ever made, hes a bitch, syupid mother Fker, lame ass, loser, selfish that think he is the only one in the manga and bastard that the only thing he is good at other people are better twice.
akuryuken remember to put one of the banners in your Sig or say that you are ,member of the Anti-Sasuke FC .

Originally Posted by darrylgm View Post
Whens banner comp?
I want to start when we have at least 15 members if that is ok with Hanz86.

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