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Re: Opinions on Christianity

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
If wrong=illogical, then the belief in god can be proven wrong.

If you're saying wrong=proving that he definitely, positively doesn't exist, then that's just stupid. If I said completely disprove the existence of neon green dogs with wings that can breath fire (or anything else I can make up) you wouldn't be able to do it. That's just the nature of crazy, made up shit. That's why when dealing with a claim we shouldn't accept it without proof backing it up.

They're just different things entirely, so we show they're illogical using different methods. That doesn't make one any less illogical than the other though. So you were incorrect in your statement that we were making religion look worse than it is. It's exactly as bad as we were making it out to be. Which isn't that bad, we're just saying it's illogical. ; )
Yep, just pointing out the slight variation between the two comparative objects in the analogy. But as long as that doesn't negatively affect the veracity of your argument, then carry on by all means : o

Originally Posted by Mashed Potato View Post
All claims are logical, but some are more logical than others. : D

(Here's to hoping you've read Animal Farm, or else I'm going to come off as a total twat.)

Also, that analogy isn't completely fitting, as 2+2=5 can be disproven (I don't want to go into how it is disproven, because honestly that's something I want to know as well; we'd have to delve into the veracity of supposed facts and truth and that's another ballpark I cbf entering. Let's just say it's self-evident) but a belief in a deity, no matter how illogical, cannot be absolutely denied. Something can be illogical as well as true. >_<

I can see how that analogy may be adequate in accordance to a strong atheist's perception.
No wait, I retract my previous statement. I looked this up;

being outside the bounds of that to which logic can apply

devoid of logic

In which category does a "belief in diety" fit in? Is it alogical or illogical?

Originally Posted by Trey View Post
Mashed just said we were both wrong and right at the same time. Also, Animal Farm was written by the same dewd who wrote Nineteen Eighty Four. I'm sure he used similar principles in both novels.
Isn't Orwell just a dreamboat n__n
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