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Re: Naruto 413 Predictions

My prediction, yay!

The 8-Tails Jinchuuriki busts out his "number 8", maybe his 8th sword, maybe some tails, and starts kicking Hawk's ass again.
Naruto still has trouble learning the use of nature energy, I feel like it's time for Pa frog to mention the 4th and Naruto goes all "What, you trained the 4th?"
The chapter ends with Sasuke deciding to get serious, the last panel shows a close-up of his mangekyou.

I really would like Naruto to know more about the 4th and maybe their relationship.

Then, in 414:
Pa frog goes "Yeah, i trained your dad!" "What, the 4th AND my dad?" "Uhm, wait minute..."
Meanwhile the 8-Tails Jinchuuriki goes all out as well and his and Sasuke's real battle begins.

ps: Can Karin bite herself?

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