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Re: Naruto 413 Predictions

I think "The Special One" got this one right. I think he predicted in Chap 411 that Naruto will jump into the pool. Amazing
I did say that. But that was the chapter before last. And I believe I know the reason why. Naruto is going to use the Kyuubi's chakra. Of course Fukasku does not think he'll use it, Naruto will shock Fukasku with some results. Alright Time for a prediction! I believe the Eight tails is part of the Cephalopoda family. SO he may not be an octopus. He could be something more dangerous, like a Colossal Squad, which has hooks on its tentacles.

Don't ask how I made the comparison. But I remember the Eight Tails telling Sasuke that he was going to feel this hooks, so I somehow came to his

Another Specialist Prediction:

(Number Eight arrives)

"Oh yeah baby. Let's bring down the house," yelled Eight Tails. (He's banging his head back and forth. As Sasuke launches toward the Eight Tails with an extended Chidori, he notices something)

"He's generating a huge wave of chakra," said Karin. "ARRGGHH," yelled Eight Tails. (A huge barrier of chakra forms around the Eight Tails. Sasuke uses two extended Chidori and spreads it across the barrier, creating a huge lightning surge that goes up against The Eight Tails chakra.)

"Ehh," moaned Sasuke. "What raw elemental recomposition, but it won't be enough," said Eight tails. "He's morphing. I can't let him change," said Sasuke. "The Eight Tails chakra is changing, we'll see its true form, be ready for anything if Sasuke does not stop him," said Karin. (Juugo, Karin, and Suigetsu lock eyes)

(Another huge wave goes out. Sasuke is blown back and the area is leveled. Sasuke emerges from the debris. Karin, Juugo, and Suigetsu rush over to him. Sasuke gets up and falls on his knees once he sees the silhouette of the Eight Tails.)

"Sasuke are you-," said Karin. (She starts trembling) "What in the world," asked Suigetsu. "The beasts true form," said Juugo.

Switch Scene:

"Naruto, are you okay," asked Gamakichi. (Naruto emerges from the water with four shadow clones) "what, no sign of frog transformation, boy how are you doing it," asked Fukasku. "Well you said only those having huge amount of chakra can feel natural energy. So I drew upon my highest amount and counter balanced the natural energy," said Naruto.

"What," asked Gamakichi. "In other words he used a second chakra source on top of his own, now he can feel natural energy while at the same time maintain his human form for longer periods of time," said Fukasku. "Yeah it sounds nice, but a normal person only has once source of chakra," said Gamakichi.

"Naruto's no ordinary guy. He holds the chakra of the 9 tailed fox, so that's how he's accomplishing the feat. Careful though, this type of training places a lot of stress on the body. With added shadow clones, your chakra manipulation has to work four times as hard because you have three shadow clones beside you. Even if you are using the Kyuubi's chakra, Sage arts require great chakra manipulation understanding, so you'll tire easily," said Fukasku.

"Yeah, but I've trained like this before, I know my limits," said Naruto. "Hmm, his normal chakra reserves were enough, but he lacked chakra control, so maybe he really can do this afterall with a higher amount of chakra at his command. Hmm, I knew it," said Fukasku.

(The shadow clones cancel and Naruto falls passes out. Fukasku catches him)

"I told him to take it easy. We'll test him and see how far he has gotten tomorrow," said Fukasku.

Switch Scene:

(THe Eight Tails is finally shown. A Colossal Squid with Eight Long Tentacles possessing sharp hooks on each end. Falcon is hiding, planning their next attack)

"Guys, we can't beat him like this," said Sasuke. "What do you suppose we do," asked Suigetsu. "Only I can control him, but I'll need your help to take him down. I'll use my Sharingan to control his actions. But while I'm doing so, I can't do much else," said Sasuke.

"How come," asked Suigetsu. "Well for starters I have to use a lot of chakra, and physically I can't hold out without causing severe damage to my eyes," said Sasuke. "Hmm, so that's why," said Juugo. "Before, when his chakra was dormant, I could not control him, now its wide open, and with my eyes, I can suppress and take over the Bijuu temporarily, but I need you guys to severely injure it so it can't escape once I cancel my technique," said Sasuke.

(Falcon emerge. Sasuke's Mangekyou is activated. Juugo enters his full transformation. Suigetsu's body begins to enlarge)

Next Chapter: Battling the Eight Tailed Beast
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