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Re: Naruto 413 Predictions

Originally Posted by The Special One View Post
I did say that. But that was the chapter before last. And I believe I know the reason why. Naruto is going to use the Kyuubi's chakra. Of course Fukasku does not think he'll use it, Naruto will shock Fukasku with some results. Alright Time for a prediction! I believe the Eight tails is part of the Cephalopoda family. SO he may not be an octopus. He could be something more dangerous, like a Colossal Squad, which has hooks on its tentacles.

Don't ask how I made the comparison. But I remember the Eight Tails telling Sasuke that he was going to feel this hooks, so I somehow came to his
Awesome prediction as usual dude! I really hope this entire thing plays out like that because that will make for possibly the most interesting chapter in this entire arc...especially if your right and Naruto does use the kyuubi's chakra to help him balance everything out and I wonder if him learning to manipulate nature will allow him to use all 5 of the chakras(fire,wind,lightning,earth n water)...
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