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Re: Hyuga Hinata FC

Originally Posted by silencer299 View Post
Alright, before you get ahead of yourself, know that when I restarted this FC, you were nowhere in sight, and did not ask to be a member, or let alone co-owner, so don't complain. I restarted this FC because the previous owner was MIA, and all requests of joining were therefore disregarded.

Now, regarding your acceptance, I'll put you as a co-owner, and bump another co-owner into member for being inactive. good?

Also, I demand banners before I go and make them myself, and trust me when I say "nobody wants that"
Haha, ok. I think i can manage that. Thanks for your understading >.>, as goes for the NaruHina FC i hope to be much more active and stuff. I'll get to work on some banners and stuff as soons as i get home. (might get in trouble for doing it at work) lol.

-Didn't mean to sound all whiney or complainy, so thanks for putting me as Co i said i'll do my best to NOT be MIA again.

If you have any good stocks to use for a new banner, hook me up :P

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Not fabulous i know...but still not terrible

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