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Re: Tattoos

Originally Posted by Naruto2008 View Post
Where did they put the leaf symbol? I just can't think of a good place to put it. And I also think the ANBU design looks pretty cool. I think its extremely subtle, yet those who recognize it will appreciate it for more than just a cool design.

Also could someone find an accurate picture of an ANBU tat? I can't find one drawn by kishi. Also has kishi ever made one in red?

Well I know Kakashi's is red in the anime. But I've seen both, I just prefer red. Maybe the ANBU captains have the red?

I don't think it stands out enough as an anime tat, it's quite subtle, and only true fans will really recognize it. I just really like the design, it reminds me of a hurricane haha.

I plan on getting more though. I want to get a boat in memory of my grandfather (a battle ship) and perhaps the seventh son of a seventh son eddie on my calf (props to those who know what that is ^_^).
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