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Re: Hyuga Hinata FC

I'd like to believe something similar to that Silencer. As of now, Naruto's too concerned with his man-crush on Sasuke to notice much else. As you mentioned, Naruto is too far away for Hinata to make any sort of impression on him. They've talked like, twice, since shippuden started.

Kishimoto really needs to address this whole naruhina situation. especially seeing as Naruto hasn't been actively pursuing Sakura the whole time like he did in the old days. Being a Co-owner of the NaruHina FC, i must blindly hope that kishimoto addresses this issue in a way that will make me happy. But i digress, this is going towards a NaruHina discussion.

In defense of my argument, i'll use your argument against you. When kiba had said, "How come Hinata feints every time she sees Naruto?" when Naruto had first returned, definitely displays how dense he is. It seems, to me, that kiba doesnt even realise Hinata's obvious affection towards their blonde compatriat. Thus, he may be dense enough to not notice affections directed at him as well as at others.

Frankly, i dont really like Kiba, as he is one of the main antagonists to NaruHina, so maybe i'm slightly biased, but that's my argument, and i'm stickin to it.

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