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Re: Hatake Kakashi FC

Originally Posted by Naruto2008 View Post
Well it was never stated that Kakashi knows Tobi is Madara, but Kakashi did see his sharingan and the level of Madaras space/time ninjutsu surpasses the 4ths. So we are assuming that Kakashi at least has an idea about who he is.

And np.
Okay, I think I kinda get your point here. Tobi used space/time ninjutsu better than the 4th Hokage and it comes to the point that there is only one person who is better then the 4th Hokage at space/time ninjutsu?

And that's Uchiha Madara then? Okaaay....

I think Kakashi will know... in due time and surely he'll tell... (I think)
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