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Create Your own Naruto Character or Jutsu

welcome to the "Create Your own Naruto Character or Jutsu" Thread!!!!!
here u can post your own characters or jutsus made by you or a friend.
ok here are mine

Yimimoto Jeremy(read The Yimimoto Clan thread to know why there names are english!!!!!)

Hair: spiky(sauske style), brown

Age:Currently 26

Birthdate: Unknown

Head: Yondaime Minato's look with brown eyes and brown eyebrows.

Clothes: usually wears American clothes(he was born in america but clan originated in Japan) wears headband and ninja vest(like Kakashi's) rarely.

Occupation: 7th Hokage(father Yimimoto James is 6th),husband to Yimimoto Jessica, father to Yimimoto Ryan.

Gekkai Genkai: Sharing-Byakugan(kalidascope-evil eye)(which turns into Byaku-Sharingan(evil kalidascope eye) many forms of it)The Yimimoto Clan's Eye techniques and jutsus are so powerful that it makes the clan the most developed and strongest of all the clans.

Chakra type: Wind,Fire,Water,Earth and Lighting(only possible due to the clans power usually mastered at age 20). And his own Lava (combo of Fire and Earth).

Jutsu: Mostly ninjutsu but has powerful genjutsu due to the Byaku-Sharingan,

Jutsu Techniques: Chidora 5,000 chirping birds 1st shot, 2nd shot, 3rd shot, 4th shot, 5th killing shot. Radora (combination of Rasengan and Chidora) 1st shot, 2nd shot, 3rd shot, 4th shot, 5th killing shot, bring down the house.Radoringaun (combination of 2 radoras) 1st shot, 2nd shot, 3rd shot, 4th shot, 5th killing shot. Permenant Shadow Clones. Yimimoto Jeremy's holy scroll. Yimimoto clan healing jutsu. Yimimoto clan chakra recovery jutsu. Byaku-Sharingan Release and 5 pronged seal. The all seeing eye(lets him see anything).(due to The all seeing eye almost any jutsu shown in naruto). Fire Juuken (Flame Gental Fist). Yimimoto Jeremys Rendan(barrage). Yimimoto Demons Barrage.Summoning Jutsu: Ultimate 3 Dog Tecchnique. Death Swords Slash.Hero's Eye. Summoning Jutsu: Massive Dragon Squad. Earth Style 2nd CHance Jutsu.

Ninja Tools: Golden Shuriken, Kunai, Ninjutsu Kunai, Sword of Death, Sword of Flaming Death, Sword of Instant Death, Sword of Ultimate Death, Sword of the Demon.

Info: Jeremy's clan started when an Uchiha and Hyuga fell in love and married, and had a baby boy. The baby eventually made Sharin-Byakugan and killed his parents from the power plus further down the line the other clan members made the other forms and married other clans. Due to a secret jutsu they gave each other the clans Gekkai Genkai's and now has almost every clan in it. They are in every villiage and live in a secret hidden island that only a clan member can find. He has a Silly personality but can get very serious quick. Only his son can beat him. Their clan has a demon called The Demon of the Yimimoto Clan which is the combined souls of the dead members of the clan. Only 3 people have it Yimimoto James, Jeremy, and Ryan. Jeremy makes his father adopt Naruto and thus giving him his gekkai genkai. Naruto is trained by Jeremy to learn their clans jutsus and eventually Naruto makes his own Byaku-Sharingan only available to him. Jeremy has the power curse mark which actually dosent spread all over the body. Instead it changes its form making the user stronger and at the last form makes the user entirly black but has red eyes. He himself when he uses his scroll becomes a god and is literaly unbeatable in this stage. Him and his son eventually bring all the villiages under their command. He has many trusted allies and friends. He is one of the only people who can use the 8th gate and not die. Finally his son Ryan can kill Jeremy even in his god form!!!!!!!!!!

Yimimoto Ryan(again read The Yimimoto Clan Thread to know why his name is American!!!!)

Hair Style: Long Sauske style, brown

Age: 4 (currently)

Head: He looks like his dad(Yimimoto Jeremy) (read post) just a more serious look when hes older and longer hair.

Clothes: When hes young he wears american clothes but when he becomes a chunin he starts wearing a ninja vest and of course his head band.

Occupation: Son of Yimimoto Jeremy and Jessica, Grandson of Yimimoto James, Konohagakaru's ANBU Squad Leader(older)

Gekkai-Genkai:Sharing-Byakugan(read YImimoto Jeremy for more info), Byaku-Sharingan

Chakra type: Fire, Earth, Water, Lighting, Wind(due to Byaku-Sharingan read Yimimoto Jeremy on why)

Jutsu: Mostly Ninjutsu and Taijutsu never uses Genjutsu(thinks its cheap)

Jutsu techniques: Mainly any technique his father has(besides the all seeing eye).Chidori 1st shot, 2nd shot, 3rd shot, 4th shot. Yimimoto Ryan's Rendan(barrage). Ultimate Speed. Radora Nagashi. Infinite Darkness Jutsu. Chidor 500 chirping birds 1st shot, 2nd shot, 3rd shot, 4th shot. Ninja Style: No Genjutsu.

Ninja Tools: Golden Shuriken, Kunai, and Ninjutsu Kunai. Zanpakto:Kimimagato

Info: Ryan is the strongest that was ever born into his clan. Even though he dosent know how to use Genjutsu he dosent even know how to counter it. He just uses the Byaku-Sharingan and sees whats real. He dosent like to copy jutsu with his Gekkai-Genkai. He likes to intimmidate his opponnet to go all out so that he can humiliate them when he wins. Yimimoto Jeremy reccomends him to be the next Hokage but he turns it down. He thinks that since all the Hokages are alive(Yimimoto Jeremy used Earth Style: 2nd chance Jutsu to bring the First, Second, Third and Fourth Hokage back and almost died from it) that he shouldnt be Hokage and thinks that the work will be too hard so instead he takes the position of the ANBU Squad leader. Ryan uses a Space-Time Ninjutsu to go into the past to when he was the age of 4 commanded by his father to train his younger self. He teaches him his techniques and tells him parts of his future of what must be done and when to do so. Eventually in the future Yimimoto Ryan and Jeremy take over the Ninja Villiages bringing order and peace to the villiages, but the villiages still got to keep their customs and some of their rules. Yimimoto Ryan went into a rampage once and almost killed his father but Naruto and Yimimoto James got in the way and stopped him.

if u post on here u cannot make fun of someones jutsu or character just because u dont think its good. and if u need help designing your character and to see what they look like i can help !!!!!!
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