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Re: Create Your own Naruto Character or Jutsu

It's "Kekkei Genkai", and I don't think they can combine. But, if you want to do that, go right ahead.

Okay, my turn. This is the new Squad 7 in my fanfic, under Naruto's leadership.

Nii Neisan
Age: 12
Appearance: Think Sandaime Kazekage but with dark blue eyes.
Rank: Genin
Elements: Lightning and Earth (Magnetism Kekkei Genkai)
The son of Nii Yugito, he was from the Village Hidden in the Clouds. He left 3 years ago, after his clan was slaughtered, and found himself on a path to the Leaf Village. Lee and Naruto found him, and Sakura healed him back to full strength.
After a week of sculking, Neisan met Kakashi, who consoled him over the loss of his family. When it became clear that the Raikage didn't want anything to do with the Nii clan, Kakashi allowed Neisan to train at the Leaf Village's academy. Naruto adopted Neisan two years later to ensure that the Raikage wouldn't try to force Neisan's return to the Cloud Village later.
Neisan passed with the best grades of his class.

Hyuuga Haruki
Age: 13
Appearance: Usual Hyuuga look, but with black eyes.
Rank: Genin
Elements: Water (no Kekkei Genkai)
As a member of the Hyuuga clan without the Kekkei Genkai, his father thinks him unfit to be part of the clan. Determined to proove his worth, he constantly pushed himself and vowed to become Hokage.
The final exam was a nightmare for him because he had no skill at all in the Shadow Clone Jutsu. He managed to find a loophole in the test rules, with help from Kiba: the shadow clones didn't need to come out of air. Kiba taught Haruki how to channel his chakra into wood and make clones that way. This is the Wood Catalyst Clone Jutsu devised by the Nidaime Hokage.

Yamanaka Inka
Age: 12
Appearance: Like Ino, but with a more flattened chin.
Rank: Genin
Elements: ???
Little sister to Ino, she idolizes her older sister and Sakura. Unfortunately, her grades are the lowest of her class. Her skills are undefined and restricted. Ino requested her sister be trained by Naruto, in hopes that he'd be able to teach her proper control.
Inka is obsessed with Neisan and constantly flirts with him, and that annoys everyone.
Watch my Hyuuga Hinata Tribute.

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