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Re: Who thinks NL should give up?

Im not saying I wanted to die, because of NL i got talking and interested on naruto, but in this case its not becoming the oh so active and popular board it used to be, you and one other staff member i have total respect for because you do your job, other tent to just abuse their powers, that is a downfall if staff arent helpful then members arent going to want the service, as for the content, something needs changing something which can utterly make people say "I love NL" and have the shitty t shirts to prove it, I have had and seen crap which people think is funny when it rightly isnt, and the excuse is this is the "interweb" but im sorry but this is the internet and it will only be crap if there are people who are ignorent or narrow minded attention seekers running it, again this isnt aimed at you. NF is doing something right, i dont see staff their abusing their rights and powers even if it is only a forum. NL needs a change in attidude.
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