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Re: Who thinks NL should give up?

Originally Posted by 6_NaRuTo_6 View Post

But on a more serious note, no. NL should not give up.
Yes activity has decreased and the number of fuckwads has increased significantly but that's no grounds for quitting. There's still plenty of potential left in this site but people need to stop bitching and start doing more. Naruto has at least two more years before it ends but even then there will be no need to change the name of this place since there will still be loads of Naruto fans around and quite a lot of people seeing the show for the first time who come and find these sites. Though even when that time comes that Naruto just isn't as popular, they'll probably change this place to a general anime place or switch to whatever popular anime may be out at the time. I've always liked this place more than others because it's had a better community, sure it was and still is smaller than other places but it was better and that's what matters to me. So in the end, no quitty, less bitchy, more doing... y. Yeah.

Or we could always open up a porn section, it helps. that chester????...from linken park??he looks so cool.."wounds will not heal" ROFL BTW XD XD XD XD

i agree with uchiha-toshi that the forum will be died when naruto ends cuz all the questions will be answered and there will be nothing more to say.
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