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Re: Why your life sucks.

Originally Posted by Trey View Post
Actually, I give the Wii some props: Brawl...uh...uh...someone help me out here...the browser, WiFi, and sometimes Miis are cool...and, uh...some of those minigames are pretty decent for the first couple of times.

S'about all I can think of. Honestly. I haven't got to play those other wii games people say are so great.
Brawl only cool because of Snake. And I can get more of snake elsewhere. Melee is where it's at, yo! ; )

Originally Posted by ShinobiKnight View Post
lol. I've said multiple times, in threads you've posted in, that I access the Internet on my Wii. But damn, if I had known earlier that the PS3 has a web browser, and that the Wii would have almost no good games, I would almost certainly have gotten a PS3.

@Trey: Acquisition of the ethernet cable remains a problem.
I honestly don't pay much attention to most of your posts. =p

You don't have a computer or something anywhere in your house that's connected via an ethernet cable?
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