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Re: Anti-Sasuke FC

Originally Posted by socjha View Post
just hate sasuke all out but
10 most thing I hate about sasuke..
1. sasuke is sissy
2. sasuke is selfish
3. sasuke is stupid
4. sasuke not cool (more to me like nuts)
5. sasuke is weak
6. Hate the name of sasuke (all the enemy that I hate I refer it to sasuke)
7. Sasuke is pointless (he have no mission in life)
8. Sasuke character should done (my beloved itachi has died what else he want
now)--he just a busybody person.
9. Sasuke bite a girl.. (that stupid n worst)
10. Sasuke is akatsuki puppet

I HATE sasuke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can i join?
Originally Posted by miho_san View Post
hey... uhh... can I join this FC??? since this thread seems to hate sasuke (and i for one don't like him either) and all... (and I guess you also make fun of him..)..

so.. can I join? are there any qualifications??
You both can join. And remember you must have a signature or state in your signature that you're apart of the Anti-Sasuke FC.

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