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Re: Hottest MS

Originally Posted by gbatemp View Post
Wow... You guys are just hating. The use of such excuses as originality, and other such things... pathetic.

Ultimately, Sasuke's is the most original, and best looking of them all, not to mention it fits the Mangekyou name better than the rest. Plus it resembles a freaking Atom, which just means big things right there. I mean, think atomic bomb, his eyes are the most obvious case of foreshadowing ever. Think about it.

Besides, Madara's Mangekyou is basically the original Sharingan, but taking the commas and turning them into circles, his brothers is just a big bolded line circle, with bricks attached, and Madara's Eternal is just the combination of the two, which makes it the least original.

Itachi and Kakashi's are similar, just that Kakashi spokes start out straighter, and their tips are flared quite a bit, which does make it look better than Itachi's, but prevents it from having any originality at all.

Besides, Sasuke has the most potential, like it or not. Madara has reached his, we haven't seen it, but he's likely reached his, the only way he could probably advance is to try to steal Pain's or Sasuke's eyes, and who knows if that would do anything for him at all. Sasuke's Mangekyou looks to already be Eterenal, in that, it has 6 points, like Madara's Eternal does. The other Mangekyou eyes only had 3. Sasuke just attained his in a better way, possibly the transfer of power and ability from Itachi to Sasuke allowed for him to attain the Eternal. Which means, there's no reason Sasuke can't do what Madara can, except for the lack of knowledge, and since he's this far already, why can't he do better?

For those saying Kakashi's is better cause he can use a "Focus Point" type technique, if Madara can travel in and out of time/space, which seems to be how he was able to dodge the Konoha ninja's attacks with out moving, and even when they seemed to hit head on, why wouldn't Madara be able to do the same thing?

Point: I vote for Sasuke, and those using the originality excuse NOT to vote for Sasuke, don't know what originality means. Sasuke's eyes are the more original of the bunch.

I personally give Kakashi second best, to Sasuke. The rest of you are just haters.
Dude, the question was "What's the hottest looking Mangekyou Sharingan to you?" It was not "Whose MS's abilities are the best?" Your basically saying that Sasuke's MS is EMS and actually symbolizes his power to become the best and that's why his MS is the best. This thread is about getting people's opinions on which MS's physical appearance looks the coolest. The people who are saying that Sasuke's MS is not original aren't hating, they are just saying that they are more intrigued by the other MS that they have not seem yet.

And yes I voted Coolest=Kakashi
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