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Re: Hyuga Hinata FC

Originally Posted by MaFrog View Post
sorry to interrupt... Can I please join this fc... (I noticed my name wasn't on the list, as I asked before)
or do I need to ask someone directly?
thanks for that
Originally Posted by Shad0w_Hunter View Post
Silencer299 is in charge of putting names on the list. If someone has approved your membership, but your name is on the list, you're still in the FC, it just means Silencer's been lazy.
Wow, I was so sure that I put MaFrog on the list. I even remember all the details of ctrl-c and ctrl-v and clicking "save" and then spilling tea all over myself and screaming in agonizing pain.

I'll go and do it again.

Oh, no, wait, looks like I'm not the one at fault here. There's a difference between the Hyugaa Hinata FC and the NaruHina FC. Goodness, looks like random tea spillage will not be necessary this time.

And shame to SH for accusing me of not doing my job. Oh! Looks like he even lied about accepting MaFrog into this FC too! Now that's truly worthy of a no-no lecture . MaFrog didn't even ask to join this FC.

And also, this quote doesn't exist:
Originally Posted by MaFrog View Post
lol.. I've just posted in the wrong fc... but you guys are talking about the same thing in the other Hinata group as well... whats going on? this is getting weird...
can I join this group too?
Looks like MaFrog will be involuntarily dragged into this FC, kicking and screaming.

Originally Posted by I'MNOTCRAZY View Post
How do you people like her hair when she was younger better than it is now?! I don't get it!
I have a problem. My problem involves ducks, manikins, cherry-flavored instant noodles, and more than one hobo flying around my room causing havoc.

This problem excuses me from answering your question. It also allows me to scream at the top of my lungs when riding the bus and be indecisive about my every taste in women; be it hair or eyes.

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