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Re: Hyuga Hinata FC

That's why you put your membership into your own sig. That way you know where you're a member, because it acts as a reminder. Kind of like a red string tied around your finger to remind you about the dentist appointment, or a broken condom to remind you how you became a father when a baby shows up at your doorstep in the hands of your ex-girlfriend.

Here's a list of FC's that I'm sure you're a member of:
Hyuga Hinata FC and NaruHina FC

Now, someone, please tell me what year this is, because I feel very old and outdated.

Shoulders are purple, but clothespins will always be trendy when hung from your ears.

Hinata's best quality or virtue?
I'll have to say chest.
I mean not chest.
I mean only the best.
The best of her rest.

Hinata has the best and probably one of the only realistic references of a passionate crush. It's also very desperate, which only a handful of people can't relate to.
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