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Re: The Jirayia Fanclub (New Owner)

Originally Posted by Jiraiya is alive View Post
If Jiraiya would fight vs Naruto in Manga - author would give the victory to Naruto - I'M SURELY SURE!!! Author of course would make so that Naruto would surpass his sensei. So did that idiot Pain who was Jiraiya's student.

Naruto is a cheater - Kyuubi would never give him die, we all saw Naruto's regeneration power. And nine-tail's chakra would also give him big advantage. W/o this chakra, Naruto-kun, FORGET ABOUT GAMABUNTA!!!

But don't forget that Jiraiya had due to his bio over 1900 missions accomplished - he is much wiser and smarter than Naruto who fights like berserker and i more appreciate Shikamaru's and Deidara's analytics style.

Naruto is so strong only by one reason - he is the main hero of the story so it would be strange if author would make him a weak loser.

But i'd like if Jiraiya would show his experience and intelligence and could succeed in this encounter.

If Akatsuki managed to extract nine-tail demon from Naruto it would very very very weaken him and his jutsus.
Kishi would not make Naruto win. Kishimoto would make Jman win to teach Naruto his flaws and show him that he's not ready to be Hokage. No need to bash Naruto so badly. He is still strong without the kyuubi, but not strong enough to stand up to Jman. Naruto may not go into a battle with a strategy, but he is smart enough to make and change tactics in the midst of a battle. I think you are wrong about Naruto being weak, but Jman would still kick his ass.`
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