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Re: Hyuga Hinata FC

New rules:
1) You are to always take anything I say in the lightest possible manner.
2) You are to wear a duck suit and run around your school should you break rule #1.
3) Read rule #1.
4) Silencer299 is never "pissy", because that sounds unmanly. If anything, Silencer299 is homicidal, and you're safe at your home behind your computer TYLER! (I was just wondering if anyone in this FC is named Tyler. If there is anyone, I was wondering if being singled out in a near-anonymus forum weirded you out).

Notice that I said "if she were to dye her hair". If you don't like the idea, then please either propose a different topic, humor me, or don't go bashing the only topic that can currently be discussed.

Originally Posted by MaFrog View Post
dark purple, that sounds kinda cool. But then again why change what isn't broke...
she's lovely the way she is
Purple dye would be #1 under my choices of dye.
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