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First Chapter

The book of scrolls is a book owned by an evil group called the Katsun. It contains very valuable information about forbidden scrolls and summons. Many who believe in this book have tried to capture it. However, they failed. The book is continuously being searched for by those grave enough to go through the risks and challenges of getting it. The book of scrolls gives way to a young academy student that is able to change the world in one move. The question is can he make the right one?

“Haisuke! Wake up!” Kishan yells to her brother. You are going to be late for class again!

Haisuke, half awake turns to look at his new alarm clock and notices that he forgot to set his alarm for the third time. As the morning dawns, Haisuke remembers a test planned for the next day. He slips into a huge classroom 30 minutes later and 7 minutes past the time class started to find himself working around other students that actually arrived on time. He slides next to some of his friends sitting closer to the back of the class. He feels so full of himself as he grabs his seat knowing that his sensei, Shoju was moving on with his lecture and writing on the black chalkboard with his back turned. He turns to see his sister close to him talking to some boy and looking as if she had seen something disturbing. Perhaps she had. He looks back at his sensei who is now smiling at one of his students. As he does this, the student Kishan was talking to hands her a sizable envelope that looks like it has been folded out of a sheet of paper. The was the first time that Haisuke felt that his concern for his sister has increased since they were younger. As the bell rings to end class, Haisuke begins to make his way to Kishan to question her, but is halted by Shoju.

“Haisuke, come forward, now!”

Shocked by his command, Haisuke looks for anything to earn him a pass.

“I have to meet my sister after class”

Shoju says “You’ve tried that one before.”

“But it’s real this time!”

He gets the message from his sensei’s look and as he walks past each row of chairs, he counts them to relieve himself. One, two, three.

Shoju shoots a stern look at Haisuke and says “Do you think that I am dumb?”

Now, Haisuke knows the only thing that could keep him out of hot water is his will to listen and learn. “No sir.”

Followed by a stare almost felt as if it was mist, Shoju says “I understand that you are a late sleeper, or whatevcer, but that will not be used as an excuse to be late constantly. Is that understood?”

Nodding slowly, Haisuke replies, “Yes sir, sensei.”

Just as Haisuke leaves, he sees Kishan leap off of a high step of a flight of stairs in the hallway. She says “I saw it all. You look so funny when you are serious.” He turns and says “Look who’s talking about looking serious. I thought you saw a ghost or had a heart attack in class.”

Kishan straightens herself and says “That’s what I came to tell you. Some guy wanted to talk to you. He looked heartless, as if he was on some mission or something. He also wanted me to give you this.” Kishan hands her brother the envelope she received in class and asks “Do you notice anything about it?”

Haisuke puts on a shocked face and says “ This is high class mail!”

Kishan says “That’s right. High class mail is pretty popular but there is a coding on the bottom of it. Seikendo 678492. Just remember the coding because I know you like to notice and take not of things.”

Haisuke smiles saying “ Thanks! You are pretty helpful. I’ll jot down the code in case it pops up later.”

He walked out of the school and opened the envelope. As he did, the envelope blew up in a puff of smoke and an encoded message became clear. It was a scroll used to protect mail. He read:

Meet me at the village fountain. If you find me, you have good eyes.

He says to himself “ Whoever this guy is, he has caught my attention.” As Haisuke walks, he overheard a conversation about some gothic looking as a reaper. He did not hear much of it as he walked the sidewalk because the population had noticeably increased as he reached the deeper part of the village. This was not a big village at all, but it definitely was an important one. Haisuke also noted the gothic comment from the conversation, however, knowing that religion is one thing that hardly exists in the villages here and around him. Especially Goths. He sees the fountain just over the horizon. Nothing looks any different than it had looked the last time he visited the fountain. He looks for dark lookouts as he arrives, believing that someone is probably in a disguise looking for him. There was no indication of a black-suited person. Suddenly, out of what appears to be nowhere, he hears “Your first mistake was making yourself visible to your opponent.” Haisuke turns to find someone behind him and dramatically drips slamming on his shoulder.

“You creep! Where did you come from? Who are you? Why me? Is this high class mail?

The dark figure whispers “The sun is starting to come strong. Shall we go where there is more shade? Take me to a better place. I will be in your shadow. Actually, I would kind of BE your shadow.”

Haisuke stares as the creature walks and seems to mold into his shadow. “How do you know I can be trusted? How can I trust you? How do I know you wont kill me?”

The figure says “Because I already would have. I’ll answer questions later, go somewhere other than this beaming place.”

Haisuke says “I don’t even know you!”

The figure says “Fine, then I’ll do it myself.”

Haisuke notices that his legs start to move uncontrollably. Haisuke tries to stand still but his legs move themselves.

Haisuke says “ This had better be good and you had best be a figure of my imagination.”

The creature says “Relax. I’ll tell you who I am. And by the way, I am a figure of your imagination in a way. But I exist. Just go along.”

Haisuke’s role starts to catch up with him.
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