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Databook 3

UPDATED 09/07/2008


Just some interesting (for some) information from the new Databook, which apparently isn't released yet in English.

I will update the thread when I can.

Anyway, I am making a thread after a long ass time, so respect! Joking, ofc =)

The name of the guy who should be given thanks for the next few characters is Rhole from NF.



And Awesome Backcover:

Madara brothers name = Uchiha Izuna

3rd Hokage Name – Hiruzen Sarutobi

2ND Hokage name – Tobirama Senju

Sai -

Ninja Registration Number: 012420
Birthday: Nov 25, Age 17, Sagittarius
Height: 172.1cm
Weight: 53.3kg
Blood Type: A
Personality: Frank, obiedient, submissive
Likes: Tofu
Dislikes: Mitarashi (food)
Wants to fight: Hatake Kakashi
Favorite word: Comrades
Hobbies: Drawing pictures, calligraphy

Graduated from the Academy at 9
Took the Chuunin exam at 10

No information on number of missions/ranks given.
Kushina -

Age not given, Cancer
Height: 165cm
Weight: 47kg
Blood Type: B
Personality: Tomboyish, hates losing
Likes: Shio ramen
Dislikes: Bitter foods, coffee
Wants to fight: none
Favorite word: Don't give up until the end
Hobbies: Chatting, horseplay, pulling pranks

No information on number of missions/ranks given. Former kunoichi of the Whirlpool Country, lived most of her youth being caught-up in war.

Birthday: June 20, Age 16, Gemini
Weight: 45.8kg
Blood Type: AB
Personality: Headstrong, stubborn, eccentric
Likes: Okonomiyaki
Dislikes: boiled gyoza
Wants to fight: Hoozuki Suigetsu
Favorite saying: A woman's determination can move the mightiest stones
Hobbies: Collecting perfume

Lived in a small village that was burned out during a war. Was the only survivor, completely unharmed. Oro randomly found her after that and asked how she survived, and answered that she could tell huge groups of people were coming. Oreo then brought her to Neverland, where she served him, but only as a means to get closer to Sasuke. No mention of what she did to Sasuke that one time that Suigetsu talked about.
Ten Ten-
"Since the other members of Team Gai are freakishly strong, Tenten is an indisposable part of the team, as she guides everyone with her cool disposition." Blah blah blah rehash of book 2 about her weapons use, nothing new/special.

Became chuunin at 15.
Juugo -

Birthday: Oct 1, Age 18, Libra
Height: 202.1cm
Weight: 75.8kg
Blood Type: AB
Personality: my pace, cowardly, violent
Likes: small fish, beef
Dislikes: chicken
Wants to fight: Nobody (normal mode), Anyone (crazy fucker mode)
Favorite saying: ...difficulty tling this one. First compound reads "purity", second reads as "shamisen strings"?? The compound is 無垢三昧if any of you jgo-savvy Narutards want to have a go at it.
Hobbies: Playing with birdies, forest bathing.

Usually a calm person, though one time he became so angry that he devoured an entire village, earning him the fearsome nickname Tenbin. Cursing his existence, he took to secluding himself in caves, until Kimimaro came to him. Following Kimimaro, Juugo went to one of Oreo's human experimentation labs, and that's how the curse seal came to be. Both Kimimaro and Orochimaru died as time passed, and he went back into seclusion. The light that beckoned him forth again was Sasuke, the person Kimimaro entrusted his life to.

Birthday: July 24, Age 29, Leo
Height: 170.2cm
Weight: 50.8kg
Blood Type: A
Personality: firm, prideful, thinks of her comrades
Likes: tekka-don, milk
Dislikes: boiled/simmered foods
Wants to fight: any enemies of the village
Favorite saying: Cats are powerful crazy cat lady
Hobbies: Playing shamisen

Has gained the ability to transform into Nibi via sheer will by undergoing forced training she hated. Noted to be a hard-worker.

Mission ranks
D: 190
C: 185
B: 356
A: 260
S: 34
I would like to note that Yugito had an awesome number of missions and that she was almost as experienced as Kakashi is.



From - Nihongaeri...


Hidan hails from Yugakure (the Village Hidden Amongst Hot Springs), the village purported to have forgotten war.
Even as the Great Wars disappeared from the world and the Hidden Villages were scaled back as military powers, those with an abundance of nature and tourist resources gained positive position in the new times. Hidan, who had lived as a shinobi constantly starved for strife, grew frustrated and discontent with this new pacifism, eventually directing his feelings at the village itself.
It was inevitable that the newly found religion of Jashin would set its eyes on him.
Thou shalt massacre thy neighboor.
The religion's teachings would prove be abundant with elements that affirmed Hidan's own desires.

Height - 177.1 cm
Weight - 58.8 kg

Hidan was 22.
Kakuzu -

Kakuzu was given the mission to assassinate the Hokage, but was defeated by the Mokuton jutsu. The next sentence says something like he returned to his village barely alive. Apparently the forbidden jutsu Kakuzu used to get the hearts or whatever is called "Jiongu". The kanji split up mean something like "Earth Hatred Fear"

All that awaited him (when he returned from his mission to kill the Hokage) was the dishonor of failing his mission and heavy punishment. Feeling intense hatred for village's cruel deeds after he risked his life for it (or something along those lines), he broke out of prison.

After that is where he learns the forbidden jutsu and kills the village leaders. jutsu and kills the village leaders.

Age 91
Kishimoto - Why the Kyuubi's seal is weakening, why Naruto can only go up to 4 tails in his transformation, what Karin did to Sasuke in the past, whether Kushina is still alive or not, and how Kakashi gained the Mangekyou Sharingan will all be revealed in the manga itself.


Graduated Academy age 6
Promoted to Chuunin age 6

C. Chiyo was 73 years old.

D. Kakuzu was 91 years old, which makes him the oldest with perhaps the exception of Madara, who's age is not revealed.

E. Madara's brother was named Izuna, and he died in battle, after he'd given up his eyes. Why they'd send a blind man into battle is beyond me.

F.The "three great doujutsu" are confirmed to be "Sharingan", "Byakugan" and "Rinnegan." The only confirmed power of Rinnegan is to allow a person to use all five elements.

G. Kishimoto answers the question of what would happen if a Hyuuga and an Uchiha had a kid in a humorous tone: one of the kid's eye's would be Sharingan, the other Byakugan.

H. Deidara was 19 years old. Heh! Pretty young.

I. Kakashi's Mangekyou Jutsu is called "Kamui" (Power of the Gods).

J. Design wise, Pain's beads are meant to evoque "self infliction" of pain.

K. Konan's wearing a pretty sexy gettup under that Akatsuki cloak. It's kinda like Karin's outfit, except strapless, and partially reveals her outter bossom. She's got a pierced belly buttom.

L. Gaara's lost Shukaku, but not his use of sand and his trademark eyes.

This is the info we know so far , and if this is left open ill keep checking over there and adding to this post so its all in one place, so we dont have to go shuffling through posts in a 50 page thread.

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