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Cool Re: Hottest MS

Madara's EMS gets my vote, because it's clearly the most powerful and just looks totally cool. Even though I definitely like Sasuke a lot more than Madara, I still have to say Madara's eyes are the coolest, IMHO. Second place goes to Sasuke, because his eyes also look really cool, but they aren't quite as powerful, and using them comes with a cost. Third goes to Itachi, because of the versatility of the techniques he could pull out, the appearance is mediocre-cool, and he's pulled out Susano'o (and no one else has, yet). He also seems able to control the flames like Sasuke "discovered," indicated by the point when Itachi stopped the flames from completely burning Sasuke in their fight. He just never got rid of all of them because he had no reason to that he knew of. Fourth is Kakashi, because it looks decently cool, but only has one usable ability that we've seen (aside from exhausting Kakashi, but that's only useful for the enemy). Last is Madara's bro, because it just looks lame IMO and we've never seen it attack at all, only get yanked from his head.

Speaking of Sasuke, I believe I finally see just what Sasuke's Mangekyou Sharingan is really supposed to look like.

To begin with, it's been pretty clear from the start that the Sharingan has a theme of three. Think about it:

-Three MS techniques (Not counting EMS secret or Kakashi's Implosion)
-Three Tomoe
-Every MS still has three "tails" for it, in Itachi, Kakashi, and Madara's

When I first saw Sasuke's MS, the pattern seemed broken to me. I thought, "Six points? Since when does the MS have six points except for Madara's EMS, and that isn't even a proper "six points" to count!!"

At any rate, upon seeing Sasuke's MS closely for the first time in the picture, I realized just what Kishi was trying to do here. He seems to like "eye" techniques, judging from all the Rin'negan, Byakugan, and Sharingan hax he's given everyone. But, when you look closely at Sasuke's MS, you can probably see...

Three overlapping eyes!! Two are at mirrored alignments of around 30 degrees, while the third is vertically oriented! Just tilt your head to one side or another, and the pattern ought to jump out at you now that you're thinking about it! I think no one sees it immediately because our eyes try to see it as one image, and we aren't thinking of it as a composite. Some people said it was a flower, some said it was the Jewish Star of David, and it does resemble those, but from the way the lines overlap and create three eyes, this ties up the relation with the Mangekyou Sharingan:

-The Sharingan works with threes, as already established above. This still keeps the theme of threes for the MS, as well as how everyone's MS looks different.
-The Sharingan is an eye technique - so it's possibly a pun, with an eye technique looking like more eyes.
-A Kaleidoscope (Mangekyou) is viewed with one's eye, and is turned from side to side to see different patterns. In the same way, the eye is turned several ways, with each individual eye only being clearly visible by turning the image (or in our case, the screen) to line it up.
-There's a remote possibility the vertical eye is a reference to the "Third Eye" located at the sixth chakra (or one of the gates?) in one's chi/chakra circulatory system which is shown in a vertical configuration on the Shiva statue's forehead, and on several characters in anime/manga that use it (that I've seen, there's probably more...).

Of course, all this is purely speculation supported by a couple of observed facts, so I could be wrong. It's also entirely possible that Kishi just wanted another way for Sasuke to be harder to draw - he's mentioned before that the longer Sasuke's been around the more complicated his appearance becomes, with hair lengthening and getting more clothing articles, and now this! It's gotta be an even bigger pain by now; come on, Kishi, go easy on yourself! You can't be wearing yourself out drawing Sasuke all the time, so draw other folks!

Somebody let me know if I should put this in the theories section, and definitely let me know what you guys think!
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