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Re: Databook 3

Hinata Hyuuga

Ninja Registration Number: 012612
Date of Birth: Dec 27 (Age 16 - Capricorn)
Height - 160 cm (5'3") Weight - 45kg (99 lbs)
Personality: Shy, Shy (this is weird because he uses 2 different words to describe a shy person)
Favorite Food: hors d'oeuvres, cinnamon rolls
Least Favorite Food: crab, shrimp
Wants to fight: Hyuuga Neji, Hyuuga Hiashi
Favorite Word: Confidence
Hobby: Pressed flowers

Graduated academy age 12
Promoted to Chuunin age 14

Mission Experience:
D rank: 10
C rank: 14
B rank: 8
A rank: 1
S rank: 0

Ninjutsu: 3
Taijutsu: 3.5
Genjutsu 2.5
Intelligence 3.5
Power 1.5
Speed 2.5
Stamina 2
Seals 3

Credit goes to Shishi-Inu (mangahelpers)
4-tails Jinchuuriki

Name: Roushi

Roushi went on a journey to control the excessive power of the 4 tails that he has housed since childhood. At the end of his journey, by borrowing the 4 tails power he learned lava element ninjutsu by fusing fire and earth natures . That torrent of lava could melt away anything.

Youton Ninjutsu = Lava Ninjutsu

So now lava jutsu is confirmed
Credits for Tora-chan (MH):

Chouji Akimichi
Ninja registration number: 012625
Birthday: 5/1 (16 years old, Taurus)
Height: 172.3cm - Weight: 87.5kg - Blood type: B
Personality: glutton, carefree
Favorite food: yakiniku (grilled meat), snack candies
Food he dislikes: what cannot be eaten
Person he would like to fight: anyone that can give him food
Favorite word: meat
Hobby: spending money on food

Graduated from Academy at: 12 years old
Became chuunin at: 14 years old
Mission history: 17 D-rank, 13 C-rank, 6 B-rank, 3 A-rank, 0 S-rank

Nin 3.5
Tai 3
Gen 1
Int 2
Str 4.5
Spe 2
Sta 3.5
Sea 1
Answering the question "Is there anything interesting in Itachi's profile, for example about his illness?"

About Itachi, let's see.. I browsed the entry (it's a bit long, I didn't read it fully, but I think my overview was decently thorough XD) and most of it just says what we already know, that is Itachi's past, what he did for the village, Sasuke etc. It doesn't say anything about his illness, his blindness or such :/ It doesn't even say anything about how he obtained his Mangekyou in detail or about Shisui, which I would've actually liked to know.. I still hope we will find out one day...

The only thing that might be interesting to know, or well, that might be useful to explain what happened in the manga, is what it says under "Naruto" and "Mangekyou Sharingan".
Under "Naruto" it says that Itachi saw Naruto as the one person able to save Sasuke and the village, that's why he told him what he did and "he put his hopes in him". And I guess also why he gave him some of his strength, though that isn't mentioned. This piece of info doesn't surprise me, but maybe some people were wondering...
Under "Mangekyou Sharingan" it says "He sacrificed himself and by having his younger brother witness his death he left him the 'Mangekyou Sharingan'. 'I will always exist, with you'... Itachi decided to continue to protect Sasuke even after his death." Judging by how it's written, it looks like the point (to get the Mangekyou, I mean) is not Sasuke killing Itachi, but Sasuke seeing Itachi die.
Sorry, that had to be asked =)

Originally Posted by Kumanri
Question about Sasuke's skills:
-_- He has many skills.
Kirin is Lvl S ninjutsu
Kusanagi no Tsurugi - Chidori-gatana is Lvl B ninjutsu
Kuchiyose - Raikoukenka (drawing out shuriken from wrist) is Lvl B ninjutsu
Chidori Eisou (Chidori spear) is Lvl A ninjutsu
Chidori Senbon is Lvl A ninjutsu
Chidori Nagashi is Lvl A ninjutsu

Pain (Clearly says "pain", not "pein", BTW... not that I expect that to change many people's minds)

Catchphrase Text:
People, countries, and the world will know pain!!

Title Text:
The shinobi in which the Rikudou eyes reside, a "god" born form a cycle of strife

Body Text:

Akatsuki, the group that secretly plots to hunt the Jinchuuriki and capture the Bijuu!! Their leader is none other than Pain. In pondering his mysterious true identity, that which serves as a hint is the Rinnegan appearing in his eyes. What will this "god", describing himself as having "attained growth through pain", bring to the world? Will it be "peace", or will it be "destruction"!?

Ninja ID: ?
Birthday: ?
Height: 176.5 cm Weight: 57.2 kg Blood Type: ?
Personality: Emotionless
Favorite Food: Unknown
Least Favorite Food: Unknown
Desired Opponent: Uzumaki Naruto (the Nine-tails)
Favorite Phrase: 雨夜の星 "The stars hidden on a rainy night" (idiom referring to "things that may exist, but are nonetheless unseen" or "things that are extremely rare")
Hobbies: Unknown

Mission Stats, Academy Graduation, Chuu-nin exam passing: All "?"

Lower Left Text:
The expressions of Pain are always devoid of life. One is incapable of finding any form of emotion in his face.
Nothing special about Nagato. It talks about how the Second Ninja War totally ruined his life. He lost both his parents. But at that time he miraculously gained one of the 3 Great Doujutsu, the Rinnegan, when he was trying to save his friend. (at least confirms that he wasn't born with it . He activated it while saving Yahiko)

Rikudou Sennin - nothing new. All as stated in the manga.

He is the ancestor of shinobi. He created all the jutsu. He can bring peace or destruction to the world. I can't read the last sentence though.

Held by Rikudou Sennin, ancestor of shinobi. Noted by its ripple shape. One of the 3 Great Doujutsu along with Sharingan and Byakugan (so, confirmed the third one is Byakugan). Known as the noblest eye. Holder can learn all the ninjutsu and all 5 elemental recompositions (yes, only 5). It's said that he will either be the God of Creation that brings peace to the world or the Destroyer that ruins the world.
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