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Re: Databook 3


Okay, Kakuzu's skills, as given in the Databook. (Too lazy to scan and clean up)

Katon - Sukkoku 火遁・頭刻苦 (B ranked)
Drops a small fireball on the ground and it will cause a widespread of fire to the surroundings. If boosted by wind chakra, it can cause massive destruction to the terrain with its explosive burning capabilities.

Ji-on-gu 地怨虞 (B ranked)
A grotesque jutsu that controls chakra in the form of black tentacles emerging from the body that is capable of long distance combat. Using this, Kakuzu can choose to fight close-up or faraway. Also, the tentacles can be used to grab the opponents' hearts and exploits the use of the various elements of chakra obtained, this is how he could use all the basic five types of element-based jutsus and also live as a semi-immortal with his prolonged lifespan.

Doton - Domu 土遁・土矛 (B ranked)
A highly generic/all-purpose jutsu that makes use of the chakra flowing all over the body to harden the skin in order to maximise defence and increase damage in physical offense. While its weakness is that the hardened parts of the body could not move, with the exception of Raiton (Lightning attacks), Domu is a technique that is unbreakable by everything else.

Fuuton - Atsugai 風遁。圧害 (B ranked)
One of Kakuzu's hearts releases a tremendous "Fuuton Ninjutsu" (Wind type ninjutsu). Once the high density and pressured tornado hits its target, the wind pressure can blow everything away. A person who masters the Seishitsu Henka of the Wind element can cause a massive whirlwind that smashes up the surroundings, causing massive damage and casualties.

Raiton - Gi-an 雷遁・偽暗 (B ranked)
Kakuzu has a grotesque form in his body that holds the Raiton jutsu. It releases lightning that takes on a shape of a very sharp spear and pierces through the enemies. It is so sharp that it can even pierce through rocks and is an ability that deals out excruciatingly heavy damage.
I'm too lazy to decipher them in the past and even now, but I've finally read it today.

First of all, Seishitsu Henka 性質変化 (manipulation of (chakra) elements)
Seishitsu Henka is when chakra is added to elements like fire or wind to create a more powerful effect. Though individual talent is needed to master this, most people are able to master one such element easily. Among the jounins, many are able to master at least two elements.

Fire: Burns everything it touches, a high temperature chakra that is like fire. Can burn objects and like the wind element, it is a specialised offensive type of chakra.

Wind: A chakra that cuts through everything like a blade. When used on special ninja weapons or deployed in jutsu, it is best for short to middle distance offensive attacks.

Lightning: Easy to spread out and suitable for jutsu that are middle to long distance in offense. When used with metal based weapons, the effects get multiplied!

Earth: Has the ability to change the hardness and composition of all objects. A person who masters this element can make an object to be as solid as metal or soft as clay in his jutsu.

Water: It is very compatible the diverse "Form Modification". Whether it is in the form of a fog for masking your form or to trap someone in a tsunami, its auxilliary capability is very high.

Keitai Henka (形態変化) (manipulation of shape/form)
Keitai Henka manipulates the chakra form itself to create the "shape" of the ninjutsu and controls the power and area effect of the chakra. While Seishitsu Henka emphasizes and brings out the form of the chakra's elements, this particular technique is largely dependent on the user's conceptualizations, the skill's system, method of mastering it, etc. Many of the skills now are the results of the achievements of the earlier users.
Fat Pain's absorption ability is classified as a sealing technique that is not ranked. It's something like reversing the chakra flow from one's body and absorbing the chakra thrown by the opponent. In this way, the chakra is neutralised in a bottomless pit in his body and digested. And this regardless of the opponent's chakra element type. All gone, period.

Hanzou: Rode on his summoned salamander to battle, peerless ninja. Bestowed the title of Sannin to Oro, Jiraiya and Tsunade, making them well-known across the countries. Wore a special mask that aided him to move freely in water. His movement is unsurpassable in water.
Oh yeah, information on Suigetsu...

"Village of the Bloody Mist" refers to the Hidden Village of Mist, feared for its extreme customary practice. 16 years ago, a child prodigy was born in this village. This is the younger of the Houzuki brothers - Suigetsu. Having the powers unique to his clan and reputed to be the "reincarnation of the Kijin" (refers to Zabuza), Suigetsu, together with his brother Mangetsu, dreamt to inherit the title of Shinobi Gatana (ninja swords) and this acted as their motivation to finish cruel missions day by day... Then this dream shattered with the death of his brother, and Suigetsu changed his ambition to "collecting all the swords". With the humiliation of being captured by Orochimaru, his ambition could not be fulfilled. Now that he is freed from his water prison, Suigetsu can once again walk towards his goal.
There will be more, but I will be off for a day or two. I will continue posting when I am able.

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