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Re: Databook 3

Ok, I am back.
New info:

Alright, the smiley Pain.

He can modify his body to make his wrist detachable and shot out like a missile. Chakra is focused at the joint to create a small explosion that propels the wrist/hand in a straight line towards the target. Its destructive power is strong enough to destroy a rock plate(?) easily. Chakra will protect the hand from getting hurt. Chakra at the joint can act like a magnet to attract and re-attach the hand.
More about Pain:

Pain Page 2

Text Lead:
Countless mysteries maintain the "undefeated" status of this god...

Entry 1:

Text Body:
The "Rinnegan", the doujutsu (eye technique) said to have been the origin of ninjutsu. Presently, not even a portion of the abilities generated through this most supreme of doujutsu, possesed by Pain, is certain. What is obvious, however, is that the Rinnegan serves as a great hint in identifying who or what Pain truly is. In the past, one of the Sannin, Jiraiya, raised and mentored a young boy named Nagato; the reason being that this boy too was in possession of the Rinnegan. Currently, it is not reasonable to assume that he and Pain are indeed one in the same. Still, judging from Pain's conversation with Jiraiya, and given that Konan is by Pain's side, at the absolute least it is certain that there is some form of connection between Nagato and Pain.

Caption Pointing Nagato:
Nagato is reported to have wielded all five basic [chakra] elements. Is this the power of the Rinnegan...?

Nagato Pane Text:
Gifted with the capacity to become versed in all major ninjutsu... at only ten years of age he mastered countless jutsu of all kinds

Caption Pointing Pain:
One of the animals summoned by Pain. A common feature is to be noted between the eyes of Pain and his summons. Specifically, all of their eyes exhibit the same pattern of concentric circles.

Entry 2:
Pain Rikudou (The Sex Paths of Pain)

Text Body:
That which was summoned by Pain was Pain Rikudou, five additional shinobi, each with their own Rinnegan. Not only do the six of them possess unique and fearsome abilities such as "jutsu negation" and "body alteration*", but they also all share eyesight with one another. It is unclear whether or not this awesome power is the product of the Rinnegan.

(*based on the scans of the abilities available - more specifically, based on their text - it looks like this is the Pain "rocket punch", or as its known in the databook, "kaiwan no hiya", lit. "strong-arm flaming arrow")

Pain Page 3

Entry 3:

Text Body:
Make use of what jutsu you may, a god cannot be killed. "Immortal", and thus "undefeated"... The lone Pain that was dragged into [Jiraiya's] barrier space did cease to be active, but whether this means he "died" or not remains uncertain.

Caption Jiraiya Surprise:
Jiraiya was absolutely certain he had ended their lives... yet Pain Rikudou came back to life, attacking him from behind.

Pane Text:
If I remember right, it was you who taught me not to let my guard down... Jiraiya-sensei.

Entry 4:
Previous Identities

Text Body:
One of the answers Jiraiya arrived at was the revelation that, beginning with Yahiko, a previous pupil of his own, all six bodies of Pain Rikudou held a resemblance to shinobi he had previously encountered. Through what twist of fate did they become Pain Rikudou... And why do they all have the Rinnegan.

Caption Shinobi Faces:
The previous identities of Pain Rikudou, as identified by Jiraiya. Among them is the face of Fuuma Ichizoku clan member, matching the rumors of the Amagakure shinobi.

Entry 5:

Shared among Pain Rikudou are long black strips, serving as swords. The chakra of any individual pierced by this weapon is disrupted, a property not seen in any of the vast number of ninja weapons known to exist.

Caption Blade:
Extending from the arm of this cloak is Pain's weapon.

Caption Jiraiya:
Jiraiya after having been pierced by the weapon!! Along with a deep chill, he feels the presence of the Rinnegan gaze in his mind, and reels in fear!!
Parts of Minato's profile as translated by Nehanshouja

Wants to Fight: Jiraiya.

Favorite Food: Kushina's Cooking.

Least Favorite Food: Nothing in particular.

Favorite Saying: I can't make out the kanji after the "no" in the sentence, but I'm assuming that the whole thing is "will of fire" (hi no blank) and it's something like "The village shines with the will of fire." (hi no blank wa sato wo terasu.)

Hobby: The kanji's blurry, but I'm pretty sure it says "Reading" and in parentheses: "Jiraiya's novels are his especial favorite."
about the summoner Pein's Cerberus summon:

The Cerberus summon is referred to as zoufuku kuchiyose no jutsu, meaning roughly "summoning amplification technique".
Simple summary of the relationship chart: (read from right hand side of page 320)
Team Gai
Gai <-> Rock Lee: master and disciple
Ten Ten
Neji <-> Hinata: cousins

Team Kurenai
Hinata -> Naruto: looks up to
Kurenai <-> Asuma: girlfriend and boyfriend

Team Asuma
Asuma <-> Shikamaru: master and disciple
Shikamaru <-> Chouji: good friends
Ino <-> Sakura: rivals

Team Kakashi
Sakura -> Sasuke: likes
Sakura -> Naruto: worries about
Sakura <-> Tsunade: master and disciple
Yamato -> Sai: observing
Yamato <-> Kakashi: junior and senior
Kakashi <-> Gai: rivals
Kakashi <-> Minato: master and disciple
Naruto <-> Sasuke: rivals
Naruto <-> Minato <-> Kushina: family
Minato <-> Jiraiya: master and disciple
Jiraiya <-> Tsunade <-> Orochimaru: Legendary Sannin
Tsunade <-> Shizune: master and disciple

.... next page 321.
Sound Village
Orochimaru -> Sasuke: wants his body as container
Orochimaru -> Akatsuki: ex-Akatsuki member
Orochimaru -> Kabuto: confidant
Kabuto -> Orochimaru: idolises
Sasuke -> Orochimaru: wants power from him

Team Taka
Juugo -> Sasuke: respect with a question mark
Karin -> Sasuke: likes
Karin <-> Suigetsu: loggerheads
Sasuke <-> Itachi: brothers
Suigetsu -> Kisame: wants his sword

Pain -> Naruto: wants the bijuu
Pain <-> Jiraiya <-> Konan: ex-master and disciples, with a question mark
Pain <-> Konan: from the same village, with a question mark
Itachi <-> Kisame: combi
Deidara -> Itachi: hostile
Deidara <-> Tobi: combi
Deidara <-> Sasori: combi
Deidara -> Gaara: wants the bijuu
Hidan <-> Kakuzu: combi
Sasori <-> Chiyo: blood ties

Sand Village
Chiyo -> Gaara: seals the bijuu within
Gaara <-> Temari <-> Kankurou: 3 siblings of the Sand
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