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Re: kakashi an asshole?

Originally Posted by sactownsnaruto View Post
do you think kakashi is a asshole since he taught sasuke chidori and never taught naruto any jutsu??
by far sasuke has been tuaght more jutsu than naruto..
Yeah, I made a thread about this a long time ago. Him teaching Sasuke Chidori is one thing, but he expects Naruto to never learn anything. I think Kakashi is a hypocrite. He can teach his student an assassination technique, but Jiraiya can't teach his student to help protect him from an evil organization? So, Kakashi is an asshole because he's a hypocrite, he's judgemental, thinks he knows everything and thinks he's always right. I can't wait to see how the as*hole handles seeing his favorite student again, and that he wants to destroy Konoha.

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