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Re: kakashi an asshole?

Originally Posted by jasminegreen View Post
COLOR="Red"]Mistakes: Favoring one student, and not giving a crap about the others. He's irresponsible too. Like, during the Wave Arc, when he finds out that the mission is actually an A-rank, he goes through with the mission instead of taking his students back. If Haku wasn't so sweet, Kakashi would have lost two of his students, because before Naruto used the 9-tailed fox, Haku could've killed him and Sasuke. [/COLOR] Ok, he wanted to help Sasuke against Orochimaru. Jiraiya shows up to help Naruto with the Akatsuki, he teaches Naruto Rasengan and Kakashi criticizes him for doing so. He seems to go out of his way to make sure Naruto doesn't get better than Sasuke. What other excuse could he have for not wanting Naruto to learn Rasengan, even if it's for use against Akatsuki?
How can you prove he didnt give a crap about the others? There's something to be said about a teacher who says "I can't teach you properly, so here's someone who can" and hell, who DOES care about sakura? Caring about someone enough to let them go definitely proves something.

If your teacher held you back a year because THEY wanted to be the one to teach you, you'd get pretty pissed, yes?

Okay, maybe he had one mistake, caring about Sakura too much. Yes, caring about her at all is too much.

I don't think it was a mistake to continue the wave mission. Look what everyone got out of it. Did anyone, who matters die? no. It gave team 7 a chance to see what life as a real ninja was like. They gave konoha ninja a good reputation in the land of waves, liberated the people from a power hungry asshole, earned a potential ally, opened up trade routes to konoha, his team got stronger, AND they helped make a bridge. Come on. did anything BAD come out of that mission? no. did anything GOOD come out of that mission? only everything. To top it all off, kakashi even got to copy a new jutsu.

The tradeoff of a harder mission to the benefits of konoha definitely are leaning towards the benefitting konoha. More trade, more expirienced ninja, etc. can't go wrong.

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