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Re: kakashi an asshole?

Originally Posted by Shad0w_Hunter View Post
Sasuke had an extensive ninjutsu background before the training already, and Naruto was still inexpirienced.

Can you blame him?

Yes, it wasn't his place to criticize Jiraiya or say anything about Naruto's training. Kakashi had his chance with Naruto and acted like an ass. He called Naruto stupid, didn't train him and let Sasuke talk down on Naruto all the time. He clearly didn't care, Jiraiya does care and he knows what Naruto has to go through, Kakashi doesn't understand Naruto or anything that Naruto goes through, and he never made a move to understand Naruto. Well, Naruto was Jiraiya's student, not Kakashi's. Kakashi only wanted Sasuke, well, he got his precious Sasuke, so he should just shut up and let Jiraiya handle Naruto the way he wanted.

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