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Re: kakashi an asshole?

Originally Posted by Shad0w_Hunter View Post
No, he wasn't. He's kakashi's student before anyone else's. Is Naruto listed as a student of Jiraiya's? i don't think so. Kakashi taught Naruto the basics, which is what he needed.

The reason kakashi took sasuke to train is because he saw himself in sasuke. that's it. no favoritism. They had similar abilities and characteristics. Sasuke needed to be trained by himself.

Jiraiya is a seal master. Guess what Naruto has on him. A SEAL! wow. Kakashi wasn't as suited to train Naruto as Jiraiya was, as Jiraiya and Naruto are similar fighters who use strenght and wit to overpower their opponents. Kakashi and sasuke are calculated fighters who use their speed and high leveled ninjutsu or genjutsu to take out foes.

As an example, would you want to be taught english by a math teacher and science by a lunch lady?

Let me answer for you. No, you wouldn't.
Well, Kakashi never took Naruto on as a student. Jiraiya did, therefore Naruto is Jiraiya's student. Kakashi just babysitted him. Kakashi didn't even teach the basics. When they were doing the tree climbing, Kakashi gave them a demonstration, but Sakura was the one that explained the principles. He saw Naruto was having trouble with the tree climbing, but Kakashi didn't try to help him, he just watched. Naruto had to ask Sakura.
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