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Re: The Official 2008 Presidential Election Thread

Originally Posted by Redneckboy View Post
Iran and Darfur and Obama's Iraqs.
Darfur is not ‘another Iraq’. Claiming that not only undermines but also insults the millions who have died or suffer in the Sudan conflict, and their plight. Non-interventionism is untenable because it means choosing—entirely willingly—not to help those who are deprived of their rights on the basis of country borders. Genocide in Darfur is not just ‘their problem’; one has a responsibility of ensuring the rights of fellow human beings wherever possible.

It is sometimes said that the Jewish community lingers too much on the Holocaust; that it is behind us. However, it is clear that the world has not learned its lesson. The prime message of the continuing focus on and reminding of the Holocaust is never again, and apparently that’s a message that still hasn’t sunk in.

The point is not so narrow as accepting Jews and not persecuting them. The point is not only not to sink into bigotry and racial and ethnic profiling oneself and internally, but also to intervene and stop it from the outside.

Two of the greatest horrors of the Holocaust are how it was so successful because of the complicity of the ‘Volk’ and the inaction of the rest of the world and its legacy. For all their disgust, many who emphatically condemn the Holocaust act like those who played a part in it. The Holocaust was so successful because the rest of the world allowed the situation to brew and escalate.

Never forget the consequences of non-interventionism:

The Past

The Present

Undoubtedly there will be those who think that those images have no place here; that they are too extreme (even though there doesn't seem to be any rule explicitly prohibiting posting them). I would disagree. By confronting the hard and shocking truths that stem from the folly of non-interventionism and abandoning our fellow human beings, we may yet learn. Parroting condemnations without comprehending them is insufficient protection against the failings of the past.
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