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Re: Hyuga Hinata FC

I refuse to read it because of the aforementioned reason, and because the idea that Naruto would cheat with Sakura while having a wife like Hinata is ridiculous. It simply escapes my mind how he could be like that. In marriage, there is an exchange of vows. Does Naruto EVER go back on his word? NO. He would never EVER cheat. To think that is BLASPHEMY! BLASPHEMY, I tell you!!! To say that Naruto would be dissatisfied with Hinata or even look someone else's way after having Hianta is blasphemy against NaruHina, which I will never EVER partake in.

If you sincerely say (a) for that reason, then you know nothing about Hinata's character. She is not one of those kind of possessive people. Simply put, if you're writing a psuedo-NaruHina doujinshi, there's no way you're going to get her character right. Half of writing fanfiction is getting into the character's head. Without that, it's simply you writing with your own characters who resemble someone else's.

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