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Re: The Anime/Manga Pairings FC

Originally Posted by I'MNOTCRAZY View Post
Age-play? KakaSaku is power-play. He's her SUPERIOR, making it wrong no matter the ages. I don't "support" it, I just read fanfiction of it. I draw a line between couples that I support and ones I like. This is the latter. And anyways, the age thing doesn't exactly transfer because we're looking at a demon here, an immortal being. Age doesn't really apply as it would to a mortal.

I jumped because I was bored of arguing NaruSaku vs. NaruHina/SasuSaku. It gets rather boring over and over without any development.
True enough, it so wrong and that's why I love it oh-so-much! ♥ The whole immortal thing though, regardless of the fact that the body doesn't age the mind does does it not? I suppose it wouldn't because of the whole "age-less" concept. But whatever, I'm not critisizing, I'm just offering an opinion; I'm not into it. I was actually pleasantly surprised that you actually threw a crack couple out there, as an avid lover of crack it made me swell with pride and what not. xP

NaruSaku vs. the "canons" is a tiresome arguement if you ask me. There's really no proof to support either theory, only speculation and opinion and "reading between the lines". The problem with that is that both sides read the spaces differently and the fans on both sides are too wrapped up in their fandom to listen to the other. It just goes back and forth and it probably always will. Kishi-san doesn't seem to focus too much on the romantic relationship fans pick up on in Naruto and I'm starting to doubt he ever will and am suspecting that in the end we'll all be left hanging with our speculations. Which will suck but it'll leave us fan fiction writers with a lot to play with. x3
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