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Re: Sasuke haters FC

Invite me in the Club.
Reasons why I hate Sasuke are:
When I started watching the anime i started hating him becouse he's always showing off and want to be the best... Well he isn't. Naruto (and lots of other People too) was always better than him !And I can give millions of examples:
Like The time on the roof of the Hospital with the Chidori and Rasengan ( That was Epic btw. ),or the time that Naruto beated Gaara when he was attacking Konoha and Sasuke was worthlessly staying on the ground and many more examples.
Also I think Naruto can beat Sasuke in Shipuuden becouse even that he has Mangakyau sharingan ( that was given to him and he didn't deserve it ) Naruto can maybe even kill him with Suriken Rasengan (like Kakashi sayed that Air is beats Lightning).
And Sasuke is just a weakling everything is given to him :Orochimaros Seal and the 2nd seal, Managakyau Sharingan. He didn't have to move a muscle to learn them.And these are the strongest jutsus that he have!And If someone say the Sasuke is better than his brother Itachi LOL sry But you have to be blind or and idiot or a gay to say it.Itachi pwnd Sasukes but at the end of the battle Sasuke was even afraid he loud die (good for him Itachi turned out to be a good dude and let him live worthlessly).
Also maybe everybody can beat Sasuke except Ino and other weaklings like her (she is hot LOL but weak ).
And a last thing If it wasn't his team he would of died of that Eight-Tailed Beast.
Well thats it.Hope you Enjoied it Sasuke Haters.


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