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Re: kakashi an asshole?

Originally Posted by hatakemandi View Post
Wow, is it just me....or are you kinda stubborn? Kakashi didn't teach Sauske because he is the fave...he taught him because Orichimaru was after him. That and they had similar fighting lightning element, sharingan...ect. Now in the epis he's trying to help Naruto create his own jutsu...I don't think there was any favoritism...I think that you are just failing to understand what everyone here is trying to explain....maybe you really just don't get it....or maybe you don't want to get it because you have some issues with Kakashi.....

And ....It was said that Naruto went to Jariya because kakashi was to busy helping his favorite....but what about Sakura? She had a different mentor too....I don't see anyone getting mad at kakashi for tsunade being her just don't can't say..."oh kakashi is an asshole for doing this to naruto...." and then leave sakura out of it...she was part of team 7 as well.
In conclusion...(jeesh, I feel like i'm writing a debate speech) Kakashi taught team 7 everything he could, the basics. Naruto, Sauske, and Sakura are all different people, with different fighting styles. Kakashi couldn't teach naruto everything Jariya did. You can't teach something you don't know.....So I don't think it's unfair.....I actually think naruto was better off for going with Jariya...nothing against Kakashi...but jariya taught nartuo things that kakashi couldn't have.....

~end ramble~
I think I already said this before, but i'm not sure. Kakashi not being able to teach Naruto, that's fine. But when Jiraiya comes into the picture & teaches Naruto Rasengan, Kakashi gets mad at Jiraiya for that. If he didn't understand and couldn't teach Naruto where does he have the right or any say in how Jiraiya handles Naruto? How does Naruto knowing Rasengan affect him? So, what was the point in Kakashi complaining to Jiraiya. He says Naruto shouldn't have learned Rasengan, even if it was for use against Akatsuki. So he can teach Sasuke an assassination jutsu for protection and personal preference (because he's like him), but Jiraiya can't teach Naruto Rasengan to protect him form the evil gang of ninja that are after him? He wants to protect Sasuke, so he teaches him a jutsu, but expects Naruto not to learn a jutsu for the bigger threat to him? And Naruto had a right to learn Rasengan, since it was his father's jutsu and i'm sure Minato would want Naruto to know it, Kakashi obviously wasn't going to teach him, because he was bussy with Sasuke, so if Jiraiya didn't do it, who would? I don't bring up Sakura because she never had a drive to get stronger, all she cared about was Sasuke. So she wasn't worth anybody's time until after Sasuke left and she wanted to get serious and stop being the weak little damsel in distress. Naruto had a want to get stronger, but Kakashi was focussing on Sasuke.

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