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Re: kakashi an asshole?

Did you ever stop to think that maybe Kakashi thought that naruto wasn't ready for that? When naruto and jariya left...he sure as hell wasn't. maybe kakashi hadn't realized just how much naruto had matured....

and you also have to put maturity into the equation....sauske was a hell of alot more mature than naruto....maybe, just maybe kakashi thought that sauske was mature enough to be able to handle chidori...because he wasn't going to go around using it for anything but emergencies. Now naruto, being the immature git that he was....would have probably used rasengan for a minor mission and killed someone.

There are alot of things that play into it. And if Naruto wasn't pissed off about not being taught by Kakashi...why should you be?

and, in the great scheme of's just an's not real life....and when an author writes's an extention of basically by calling kakashi an're calling kishi an asshole too.....

think about it
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