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Re: kakashi an asshole?

Originally Posted by hatakemandi View Post
Kakashi is a bastard to naruto?!?! What crack are you on? Kakashi does alot of things for naruto, he taught him how to tap into his wind element, hell he even took him to get ramen when he wiped himself out? How is that being a bastard?

What I am seeing with you is, you are only looking at the one not so great thing that kakashi has done....and overlooking the good stuff he has done....he supports naruto in his dream to be hokage...he's always watching narutos back....jeesh...this is like talking to a wall....
There's no need to gt rude. I'm not on crack, i'm stating what I saw from him. I'm talking about in part one of Naruto, when he called him a loser, called him a weirdo, rolled his eyes at him, said he wasn't as good a ninja as Sasuke and Sakura, hit him, and said he wasn't smart or good enough to handle Rasengan.

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