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Re: kakashi an asshole?

Wow...I was debating whether or not to even respond in this thread/poll. Gramatically it makes no sense:

"Kakashi and asshole?" (Kakashi an asshole?)
"Yes becuase naruto has been only tuaght by Jiriyai" (Jiraiya)

Sorry to be anal here about this, but please think things through before you post something. To respond to the poll: Kakashi is fair. Sakura has never asked for his help in training, so he never helped her past the genin stage. Sasuke was the last remaining member of the Uchiha clan IN KONOHA, so Kakashi took it upon himself to train him in using Ninjutsu to help him excel. Kakashi didn't teach too much to Naruto early on because Naruto couldn't learn anything Kakashi could teach him that would be effective to use in a fight. Naruto needed to learn the basics and drill them in, and that's what Jiraiya did. Now, Kakashi is teaching Naruto, because Naruto has the capability, know-how, and power to do it.

And I agree with others, Kakashi may have been biased, but never an asshole. Read the manga. But don't let people argue with you too much, we understood what you meant; just understand that we're trying to show you why we think that's wrong.

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