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Re: kakashi an asshole?

Originally Posted by Sauron View Post
um, now i'm even more confused. jaraiya might be old but he is not that dimwitted. How are you honestly going to defend jaraiya and yet call kakashi an asshole? Jariaya had more claim to be his teacher than kakashi. And are you saying in 14 years jaraiya couldn't find some time to check in and teach him? but kakashi with his postion of being send on missions by the hokage and captaion of an anbu team doesn't deserve any grace? how much time are we even giving kakashi anyway compared to jaraiya one year or two from the time he was appointed?

On a different note notice that after the chunin exams who is the stronger one naruto. he did what kakashi said by training on basics and taking them to new levels. walk on water and rasengan were examples of this. also he beat gaara when sasuke could not. i'd say the tale of manga speaks for itself.
Something that played a big part in Naruto's fight with Gaara was harnessing the Kyuubi chakra, and summoning, that Jiraiya taught him. What helped him a little in the Sannin fight? The Rasengan that Jiraiya taught him. I don't think Kakashi's an asshole just for not training Naruto, but it was his whole condisending attitude towards Naruto in general. In part one when Jiraiya came back, he took the time to work with Naruto, if he saw something wrong with Naruto or his preformence, he'd help fix it.
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